3rd Sunday of Lent, C

The fruitful life

Luke 13:1-9

What is the gauge of fruitfulness, success, or even happiness?  Money or fame?

No matter how we define fruitfulness, happiness or success, one thing's sure - we hate to see our lives go down the drain.  Meanwhile, we see people who have lost hope of living decent lives by giving to sin, vice, or habitual wrongdoing.  This is a life of despair will continue unless someone or something so significant will turn their lives around and instill hope in this otherwise hopeless existence.

The story of Moses is story of hope for the people of Israel.  It was the moment of truth that God is God because He hears their cries and vows to lead them to freedom.  This relationship became the backdrop for a life of fruitfulness and dignity Israel has for being chosen by God.

In the Gospel, Jesus warns us to be awake lest we fall back to living a barren, fruitless existence brought about by God's absence in our lives.  Fruitfulness can be possible if, first, we cling to God as the very reason for our existence; second, that we cling to Jesus as he reveals himself in the Word, in the Eucharist and in life of faith; and third, that we cling to the Holy Spirit to transform our every action and deed into the living presence of God in the world.

Only in our radical dependence to God could we finally experience total fulfillment, happiness, and success, and peace. Our fruitful lives begin.