4th Sunday of Lent

Food and the Eucharist

4th Sunday of Lent

The Book of Joshua tells the story of the people of Israel reaching Canaan and eating from the produce of the soil given to them by God.  From there on, manna stopped falling from the sky.

Food is so integral in our lives.  I would not wonder why God used the picture of food to describe who He is for us.

The story of the prodigal son further describes our dependence on God.  Life can only be found in the father's house.  What a contrast with the elder brother who despite his obedience refuses to enter the house.

It's really sad when despite of all the food offered to us, still we choose it more than the Food that gives us real life.

The Lord makes himself available to us everyday in the Eucharist.  Every part, every moment, is life-giving.  We might as well learn from the lessons of the Eucharist.

Reflect on its every part that gives life.  The greeting is a reminder that we are always in the presence of God.  The Word enables us to open our minds and hearts to receive God.  The Eucharist is a call to open our lives for others.