Divine Mercy Sunday (2nd Sunday of Easter)

The Eucharist and the Path of Mercy

John 20:19-31

It is incredible that the Eucharist was instituted by Jesus to serve as a lasting reminder of the mercy of God until we reach everlasting life.

But the mercy of God is also translated as food, peace, and healing;

Food, because as we need food to survive physically, so we need the spiritual food, the Bread of Life, Jesus himself, to feed the deepest yearnings of our hearts.

Second peace, because a situation of peace is not when people are dead, nor there is peace when people are afraid because of some violent powers overruling them.  There is truth in the saying, "There is no way to peace; peace itself is the way." The freedom we attained during the People Power Revolution did not come from guns or goons.  Rather, it came from the hearts of vigilant people who stayed committed to fight for freedom using non-violent means.

Third, healing, because God's promise to us is heaven itself translated to life, healing, and abundance.  Healing is a result of a life of grace.  Translated to societal levels, it means development and well-being.

All these, peace, healing, and food are the real desires of our souls.  These also reflect the very heart of the Divine Mercy.