Corpus Christi


Luke 9:11-17

From the first reading, the Eucharist has been equated with offering.
What is offering?

The gospel talks about offering; from the boy who offered his food to Jesus; Jesus offering the gifts to the Father; and Jesus breaking them and giving them to others.

Offering is Jesus himself, a sacrifice that is offered for us.

Jesus instructs his apostles to "give them something to eat themselves."

The Eucharist is made possible because of giving and offering.  We cannot continue Christian life unless we consider ourselves as gifts or offerings to God just as Jesus does in every Eucharist.

How can we be gifts of God to others?  First, we need to consider that nothing exists in this world that is not a gift.  We receive gifts that we don't deserve.  But God gave them to us so we can take care of them.  Gifts cease to exist if we take it for ourselves.  That is sin.

We need to give them back to God for Him to sanctify our gifts.  But before we do that, realize that it is God who gave us the totality of Himself through his Son so that we may live.  Because Jesus offered himself totally, offer everything to God to make them holy.

Third, we need to break ourselves and be distributed to others.  This is the ultimate show of giving so that others may live.  We offer our time, talent, and treasure to serve others and practice compassion.

Imagine if the world world were filled with compassionate people.  It will be a gift for everyone and even for the next generation.  True, not only physical food would be in abundance, but spiritual food as well, with all faithful serving one another and loving God above all others.