Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

The Trinity

John 16:12-15

Everything in our faith is leading us to a silent but sure communion with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

What is communion? It is a direct picture of heaven.  As of now, there are things we don't understand, like why there is poverty in the world, or why we are committing sin, or why we hurt others and ourselves.  But we will come to understand eventually, starting from the desire to know Him as He reveals Himself to us.  Soon we shall be one with Him in a definitive way in an unbreakable bond of love.  Sin is no more.

The Scriptures and the Tradition of the Church teach us the ways to be one with Him.  From the book of Wisdom, it is said, "The Lord created me when his purpose first unfolded, before the oldest of his works." (Proverbs 8:22-31)  Know thyself!  We were already existing in God even before the creation of the world!  Know God and we will start knowing who we are, not as persons of this world, but persons of God.

God reveals to us as the loving Father, the Creator; the Son, the Savior; and the Spirit, the Paraclete.   From our knowledge of the Father from the first reading, we now turn to Jesus who judged us righteous and at peace with God. (Rom 5:1-5) How true is this about ourselves?  Jesus looks at us with loving eyes; it's about time we change from vengeful creatures to loving persons patterned after Jesus' loving heart.

Thirdly, God reveals to us as the Holy Spirit. "God's love is poured into us by the Holy Spirit." (Rom 5, 5)  We are persons in love.  All the things we do arise from God's mercy poured into our hearts.  He become healers of wounds caused by sin.

Apply these in everyday life, knowing who we are in God and this whole will change according to His likeness.  This world, once ruled by sin, will now be in total communion with God.