10th Sunday in Ordinary Time, C

Power to bring to life

Luke 7:11-17

The readings tells of Jesus and the Prophet Elijah raising the dead sons to life and giving them back to their mothers.

The mother replied, "You are the man of God; and the word of God is in you."

The Eucharist brings life to our dying souls.  Such is the heart of God, life itself.  There is no space for death nor corruption.

The beginning is life.  The end is life.  All that lies between them is life.  Let's reflect on each one.

At the beginning of all our intentions is to bring life, but to whom?  Only to ourselves?  Let us bring life to all, even to those dead in sin.

Second, what process are we doing to bring life?  Killing?  The means are as important as the end.  Let's be consistent with bringing life.

Third, where are we going with all these?  Eternal life?  Salvation for all?  Let our actions account for the salvation of many.  This is the very heart of Jesus.