The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Good Shepherd

Luke 15:3-7

The image of the Good Shepherd is the closest picture to describe the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. It poses three challenges to us Christians: food, the Good Shepherd, and the sheep.

First, the Good Shepherd brings the sheepfold to green pastures where there is an abundance of food.  The image of food is central to our faith because of the Holy Eucharist. It is challenge that as we receive spiritual food from our Lord, we are called to provide food for our hungry brothers and sisters through justice and mercy.

Second, the image of the Good Shepherd is that of a merciful, caring shepherd.  The more we get to know Jesus, the more he embeds his merciful heart upon us, causing us to be merciful as well.  Hatred and vengeance do not have a place in his merciful heart.

Finally, the sheep is deeply connected with the Good Shepherd.  Here we actually practice and live out mercy as well, enough to give life to our brothers and sisters.  This is the task of life, that we become Christians molded after the very heart of Jesus.

May we wear the scapular and align our hearts with Jesus' heart.