25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, C

Curing social problems

Luke 16:1-13

Amos is known as a social prophet, meaning, he reveals the social sins of the people of Israel like desecrating the Sabbath and being dishonest in dealing with business transactions.  God will render his just punish
ment over them.

In the gospel, even though the man in the parable is a dishonest steward, the owner still commended him because of his astute ways.  Then Jesus pointed out the message of the story, "For the children of this world are more astute in dealing with their own kind than are the children of light."

Despite our religiosity, our country is beset with social problems.  As of press time, even the Philippine President admitted that the corruption in government extends from Luzon to Mindanao and that he alone could not solve the problem. How do we as Catholics help the President in solving this gargantuan problem?

Social sin needs social action to eradicate it.   Let's band together to solve it.  The problem is ourselves.  Neglecting the situation, we continue to think about our own selves, not aware of the social consequences of our actions.  We don't heed to these words of wisdom, "Love people, use money".  Instead, we "love money and use people."

Social transformation starts with personal conversion.  By serving God first and using everything to help people, we become the trusted stewards of the Lord.