Christmas Day

Jesus, Lord

Luke 2:1-14

Right this very day, Christmas day, light has shown upon us; hope is in front of us; the Child is born.  He is set to purify us and refine our ways.

Contemplating at the scene, we can just sigh in awe and wonder, letting the baby speak to us; he is using the language of love.  He reveals to us who he is.  Who is Jesus to us?


Jesus means "Savior".  God saves.  "He will save people from their sins."  (Mat. 1, 21)  We have destroyed so much life, in ourselves, in others, and in God's creation.  The more we know, live and share Christ, the more things and people will be restored as God wills them to be.


Christ means "anointed".  Jesus is the Christ because he is consecrated by God and anointed by the Holy Spirit for his redeeming mission.  Let us acknowledge our anointment in Jesus so we can also take part in the work of redemption.


By this title we recognize Jesus as the sovereign king over nature, demons, over sin, and over death, above all by his Resurrection. "His name is above every other name." (Phil. 2, 9)  Let's manifest Jesus' kingship by prioritizing him in our lives.

"swaddling clothes"

God's beloved Son is wrapped in swaddling clothes, a sign of abject human poverty.  He would not be identified with the rich, proud, and powerful.  Jesus' title as Son is manifest in his obedience to the Father.  So too our conduct in this life will be subjected to the Father's will.  "This is my Beloved Son in whom I am well-pleased."  (Matt. 3, 17)  Let the concern of our lives be on how to please the Father.

Let us dedicate all the time of our lives not in enriching ourselves but in getting to know who God is in Jesus Christ.  Merry Christmas!