7th Sunday in Ordinary Time, A

Perfect in love

Matthew 5:38-48 

Perfection in holiness is not gauged by the number of frequency we enter the church, pray the rosary, held our procession, or even donated to the church.  The readings point out the immediate fruit of holiness in mercy and compassion.

This is simply the very heart of God himself.  He created each one of us out of love.  How can he quarrel with his own creation?

Every parent is a creator: both father and mother prune their children's character to perfection.  They should do much more than just givin them money or even secure their education.   They should be capable of entering and forming their hearts to the core.  But what lies in the hearts of parents?

What God is sharing is his very own heart.  In the book of Leviticus, God enumerated all the things mankind can do for one another: not bear hatred, openly tell him his offence, and loving one another as oneself.  He doesn't want his creation to kill one another.

Jesus took it a step forward:  love the unlovable.  This is harder to bear.  Love one's enemies and pray for the persecutors; offer the other cheek, give the tunic, walk another 2 extra miles.  Aren't these contained in the very heart of Jesus who said, "Father forgive them for they do not know what they do?"  The command of Jesus is absolute:  Love one another as God loves us.

In this way, every human being becomes a true image of God: creating, correcting, forgiving.  God wants us to perfect his law already planted in our hearts, making us exactly one in him.