Saturday of the 6th week of Eastertide

What to ask our Lord

John 16:23-28

In the first reading, the Church further progressed with Apollos being taught "the Way"; i.e., the course of discipleship.

In Gospel, Jesus reaches to us in the most intimate way, showing us "the way" to the Father, "Anything you ask for from the Father, he will grant in my name."  We to need to be education as regards "the way" to the Father.

We have not asked correctly because we don't know what to ask, how to ask it, and what to expect after asking it.  Our relationship with Jesus demands "a way" by which we are to ask, not that kind by which we demand that God hears our prayers even without knowing who he is.

This is the way to ask our Lord:

First, what to ask 
Ask anything because God is the author of our entire existence.  It is just unfortunate that the evil one destroys the world God created.  Our prayer should be integrated with the intention to heal the world and make it whole again in God.

Second, how to ask it
Ask in total devotion to God, knowing he whom we are asking the gift.  Asking does not depend on what is being asked, but on the relationship between the one asking and God he is addressing his request.  Many people prioritize the intention, the gift, but not the giver of the gift.  To know the Lord is the best gift of all.

Third, what to expect after asking
God heals; he makes whole, he grants, he gives back; he makes fruitful.  What do we expect?  God grants our prayers according to His most Holy Will and our hearts "resting in Thee."  The whole experience should lead us to a deeper faith in the Lord, offering to him what we have asked, be it for the good of ourselves, others, and the rest of the community.  What do we expect?  Lead everyone to God.