14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Who God is

Matthew 11:25-30

Rejoice, because the King comes, and he rules with justice.  He is also humble.

In the gospel, Jesus also exulted his Father for being just, for revealing himself not to the clever but to mere children.

The readings point to the reality of God who is all-powerful, yet filled with mercy and compassion.

Eventually, Jesus points to himself, whose yoke is easy and his burden is light.

How should our relationship to the Lord be?

First, appreciate the faith

Relationship with the Lord should lead us to appreciate the faith we have received. This faith opens us to the world which only the eyes of faith can see.

Second, let us see the world through a different lens.  

The lens is Jesus himself.  If we feel the need to retaliate, know that this God opts to forgive and give sinners another chance.

Third, let's carry God's soothing yoke with joy. 

It's like carrying the burdens of our brothers and sisters beset by trials and suffering.  It is a lot better than the yoke of sin.