Choosing the real treasure

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time, A

Matthew 13:44-52

Christian life is ultimately choosing the real treasure, like choosing the better part as Mary, sister of Lazarus did.  She chose Jesus.

To choose the better part or to make a decision based on what is of true value is known as wisdom.   In the first reading, instead of power or wealth, Solomon chose wisdom.  In the gospel, the kingdom of God is aptly visualized and explained.  Do we choose God's kingship over earthly lures?  Are we all choosing the better part?

The parables of the kingdom enable us to open our minds and hearts to its values, benefits, and advantages among all others.

First, wisdom helps us to let go of everything to follow the kingdom

The most common hindrance to God's kingdom is the kingdom that we have created for ourselves and our families.  We practically own everything in our lives with no space for God.  When the time of trials come, only then do we realize our kingdoms collapse.  But God's kingdom will not collapse.  And in God's kingdom, we truly live.

Second, wisdom helps us to know what is useful and useless

What is useful we keep; what is not, we throw away.  But what is useful according to our standards?  Where are our standards based?  On our own lives?  We are not the kings of our lives.  We are useless servants.  God has no need of us.  But our total need for God enables us to detect what is useful and what is useless.  How do we spend our time, talent and treasure? On useless things or in Godly works?

Third, wisdom helps us to use our talents for all

The wise person knows how to use his talents, both old and new and use it accordingly, all for God's greater glory.  If in the past we have this orientation to use everything for our luxury, now, use it all for God!  Then our wisdom would convert to glimpses of the kingdom of heaven!