Images of God's kingdom

16th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Matthew 13:24-43

The gospel exposes us to various images of the kingdom of God.  There is already a light into this.  The kingdom is not just an end reality.  It has a process - a beginning, a middle with complications, and an end (fruitfulness).  Every process involves the participation of the person in the kingship of God.

From the book of Wisdom, it tells about virtuous man who knows about the justice of God and how he is to be kindly with his fellowman.  This is the kingdom of God unfolding in the person himself / herself.

How do we let the kingdom of God blossom in our lives?

First, the kingdom starts with acknowledging God as king of our lives.  

Recall when we started to know the consciousness of power of God, who taught God to us, and how we can learn from him.  That is planting the seed of faith in our hearts.

Second, the kingdom of God is nourished in our lives.  

The book of Wisdom precisely tells us of the many opportunities by which we can be virtuous, filled with compassion for our neighbors and profound love for God.  I'm sure our lives would change radically if we have God in our hearts, with virtues nourished to perfection in us.

Third, the kingdom of God reaches its fullness in our lives.  

Fullness and perfection are states of God reigning in heart of every person, regarding himself / herself as a son / daughter of the Lord.