Can you see Jesus?

19th Sunday in Ordinary Time, A

Matthew 14:22-33

We may not dare to ask where Jesus is simply because we knew him in an invisible way.  Our faith tells us the Jesus is here with us.  On the negative side, however, some commit sin as freely as they want to, after all, Jesus cannot be seen.

In the first reading God appeared, not in wind, earthquake, and fire, but in a gentle breeze.  In the Gospel, Jesus is seen walking above the waters.  Where can we find Jesus?

First, Jesus resides in our hearts.  Peter doubted so he fell.  He lost his sight of Jesus.  Let's not lose sight of Jesus in word, sacrament, and life.

Second, Jesus resides in the world.  We just experienced a powerful earthquake.  There are news about nuclear wars.  Wherever this whole world is going, God still resides in his creation.  As long as life is produced, as long as hearts are still beating, as long as nights turn to days and back, God resides in his creation as Jesus walks over the waters to help regulate creation.  We just need to cooperate with his grace.

Third, Jesus resides in our neighbor.  Don't go about looking for God in the neighbor.  Help him / her instead.  As long as there is love, there is God.