Come to the banquet of the Lord!

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Matthew 22:1-10

Isaiah describes fully the Kingdom of God where there is a state of fullness, happiness, and life.  It's a perfect state of being that no one else can provide except Him alone.  It is a picture of heaven.

But it is not a heaven in the afterlife.  Rather, it is now, right here in the world where God reigns.  The problem why we don't see this picture is that we don't realize him in our lives.

The gospel also portrayed the kingdom of God as a banquet of rich food in the context of a wedding.  But this time, people are not prepared for the feast.  They're already far away from the king.

Times today have caused us to be preoccupied with a lot of things, leaving our hearts and minds filled up and not having enough space to accommodate God.  What results is a life lived in disarray and a community life which is wanting.  If only we can declutter our lives, then we shall see more of God and less of ourselves.

First, bring to mind God's perfect world.  How much do we really desire God and heaven?  Only then can we start organizing our lives according to God's will.

Second, follow Jesus.  God is not a formula or a set of rules.  Christ talks to us every moment.  Even at the beginning of our lives Christ communicates to us.  Are our lives reflections of what Jesus wants of us or we to ourselves?

Third, live Jesus.   St. James declares, "Faith without works is dead" (James 2: 26).  The acid of an authentic Christian life is through actions reflecting God's will.