Mary, our torchbearer for 2018

Mary, Mother of God

Year B, Luke 2:16-21

Happy New Year!

The Church totally unites herself to God for another year of his presence and glory.  The Blessed Mother, the Mother of God is our torchbearer for 2018 and the next years to come.  She carries for us the following:

The light to shine and direct our steps and guide our decisions in life. She is the "morning star" as mentioned in the Litany to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Her state of Immaculate Conception is that of a bright light that illumines our minds, hearts, souls, and being and orients our lives to God.

Second, the ability to see the wonders of God.   There are two characters in the story of Christmas that describes this "seeing".  First, the shepherds who were endowed with the gift to see the majesty of God through the humble appearance of the Child in the stable.  The second one is in Mary's heart as she pondered all these things.  Pray that we may see the Lord in the daily events of our lives.

Third, incorporation into God's family.  Jesus was incorporated to the Jewish family through the circumcision.  But now, we make sure to be incorporated in God's family by active and conscious participation in being "Church", the family of God.  With the our support and service to one another, the future of families will remain bright, because all are servants and disciples of the Lord.