Orient to become God's family

The Holy Family

Luke 2:22-40

We look up to the Holy Family through which Jesus was raised to be the perfect Messiah that he truly is - grown to maturity, filled with wisdom, and God's favor was with him.

God wishes us to celebrate Christmas by incorporating us into his family through the Holy Family.  What are the signs of God's family?

First, God's family is rooted in his commandment: Honor thy father and mother.  Honoring our parents is honoring God who is is first and foremost, our Father.  Our parents are the transmitters of the faith to the children.

Second, God's family is equipped with a vision: "You may now let your servant go in peace, because my eyes have seen the salvation which you have prepared for all nations to see".  Eventually every family efforts should lead us to a deeper knowledge, relationship, and awareness of Jesus' presence in our world - like seeing him in every man and woman.

Third, God's family is committed to perfection each day: "Jesus grew in maturity; he was filled with wisdom; and God's favor was with him."  Growing in maturity and in God's favor is a life-long commitment that needs to be realized in a day-to-day bas
is.  Perfection is not a goal; it is the way.