How to prioritize Jesus

2nd Sunday of Lent

Mark 9:2-10

This 2nd Sunday of Lent, also 12th day of our Lenten preparation, we  focus on on the very person of Jesus. Undoubtedly, Abraham prioritized God above the life of his very own son, that's why God even said, "I swear by my own self ..."  God gives witness to his own nature.

In the Gospel, Jesus was transformed to who he really is - majestic, truly the Son of God.  Let us take time to acknowledge who Jesus is in our daily lives.  We acknowledge we placed him in the peripheries of our own preoccupations.

How do we prioritize Jesus?

First, determine which is passing and which is eternal. 

Time and again, we learn about faith.  But our faith doesn't have any hands, eyes, lips, teeth, and feet.  We ignore the call to be Church.  But remember, which of our preoccupations can lead us to heaven?

Second, relate everything with the eternal. 

In a family, the preoccupation of every parent is to provide for the well-being of the children and prepare them for the future.  But real preparation is not simply about money.  Imagine, what would our children be if we are gone?  What legacy would we leave behind?  Blessed are the parents who prioritize sharing God's values to their children.  Start determining which truly counts in heaven. 

Third, choose the first step.

Knowing the eternal in mind, we're back to our day-to-day activities.  But even the most trivial is accounted for.  How many of our activities reflect God and his kingdom?  Let our lives be a picture, not of ourselves, but of God and his reign on earth as in heaven.

Finally, learn to see God's kingdom in the daily sacrifices of life.

Learn from the passion of Jesus.  In embracing the cross, he also embraced his resurrection.  Grant that we may see Jesus in our sufferings and sacrifices and see the greater picture of salvation at hand.