New beginnings

1st Sunday of Lent

Mark 1:12-15

Every thought about new beginnings brings freshness and rejuvenation: new year, resolutions, new life, new paths to tread, and new challenges to face. 

Our readings point out to a new beginning.  Noah and his family, coming from a world of sin and degeneracy, was given a new covenant by God.  A sign of this new beginning is a colorful rainbow which is a reminder that mankind would not be washed away by floods ever again.

In today's gospel, after being exposed to the wiles of the devil and emerging triumphant over its temptations, Jesus went into Galilee proclaiming the Good News.  He said, "The time has come’ he said ‘and the kingdom of God is close at hand. Repent, and believe the Good News.'"

Let's utilize the Lenten season for our new beginnings, now with God more than ever. 

First, let that time to serve God be now or forever withhold our peace.  It should have been when we were born.  But let's realize that each day is an opportunity of new beginnings with God as our Lord and Guide.  He is Lord, meaning, we shall take time to offer our lives in adoration and service to him; and Guide, meaning, each day would be meaning because we opt to listen and respond to him.

Second, realize the kingdom of God.  Here and now, the kingdom of God dwells, not when we waste our lives with useless and worldly enjoyments and suffer the consequences of delaying the kingdom of God.  Let's be aware that what we do adds up to the realization of the kingdom of God here on earth;

And finally, Repent.  This gesture is not simply negative.  It seeks to put an end to vainglory and prioritize the Good News in our lives.  Anyone who prioritizes God in his or her life becomes a new creation with a new heart that belongs to God.