How to live humbly

Palm Sunday

Mark 14:1-15:47 

As we enter into the holiest of all weeks, we focus all our attention to Jesus as he formally enters into Jerusalem, eventually entering into the very mystery of our salvation.

Jesus, the Beloved Son of God, enters Jerusalem riding a colt or ass, a sign of of humility.  People also respond in humility by throwing their garments on the ground and others waving palm branches that exude fragrance.

The Beloved Son of God teaches us a valuable lesson in humility.  As he humbles himself to save us, so too we respond in total humility and love to Jesus and others.

As Jesus enters the temple, he brings all of us with him.  We are built as a Church with Jesus our cornerstone.  Life is now changed in Jesus.

In the Gospel which narrates the passion and death of Jesus, humility is very much at work here.  Jesus becomes bread and wine for us to eat and drink, always keeping in mind that he, our Lord, gives himself unconditionally, body and blood, by embracing our humanity.  We are challenged to use our humanity to save others.

In conclusion, let us travel through the path of humility:

First, by ridding ourselves of any notion of self-exultation or self-preservation.  The Lord will utilize humble people for his work, not the proud and self-filled.

Second, by relying totally on his grace and goodness.  Peter was confronted with his own weakness when he denied our Lord. Yet, Jesus made him the prince of the Church.  We realize that life would have order if we rely totally on the goodness and grace of God.

Finally, by serving one another in love.  The Church which is Christ's body on earth, could be the source of hope to a world dying of sin.  Let's dedicate time, talent and treasure to be Christ's body here on earth by our love for one another.