What is the gauge of real fruitfulness?

5th Sunday of Easter 

John 15:1-8

28 days after Easter, the readings hint to us the fruitfulness of Easter experience.

How do we define fruitfulness of life?  Material prosperity? Fame and fortune?

St. Paul in the first reading started his fruitfulness journey.  From a killer to a missionary, he won many many converts to Christ.  In fact, we are fruits of his missionary zeal.

Fruitfulness can only be possible if we attach ourselves to Christ like the vine to the branches.  Note the inseparable relationship between the vine and the branches.  It defines who we are and what we should do.  For apart from him, we are nothing.

Secondly, fruitfulness is gauged by the intervention of the "vinedresser" who is God.  The vinedresser prunes the useless as well as optimizes the fruitful to bear more fruits.  Have we established our relationship with God?

Finally, fruitfulness can only be possible if we regard ourselves as disciples of the Lord.  We can be better Catholics if we place ourselves at the complete service of the Divine Master and serve others whom he loves.

Only then can we determine our fruitful our lives are.