The call to be a witness

3rd Sunday of Easter

Luke 24:35-48 

In the first reading, St. Peter explains the mystery of Christ's passion, death, and resurrection to give clarity to the minds of people.

In the Gospel, even though some of the disciples were still unbelieving and dumbfounded, Jesus explained to them that all of these have to happen.  They are witnesses of all these.

In the 15th day of Easter, the 3rd Sunday, we are called by the Lord to start becoming witnesses of his passion, death, and resurrection.  How can we be authentic witnesses of the Lord?

First, let's gather the moments God touched our lives.  It simply points out that we're not only ones in control of our lives.  Rather, he helps us, he sustains and he saves us; he is our Lord.

Second, we are to increase our knowledge of the love of God.  This doesn't mean simply we are to know who God is.  To know God in the level of the heart means we are moved to decide because of the love we experience which is so pure and so sublime enough to save us and pardon our offences.   Such love comes from God.

Finally, we are to move our entire being to respond also in love.  A parent who transmit God's love to his or her children becomes a witness of the powerful presence of God.  Every moment calls us to move people to conversion through actual experience of our presence to them.