Unity, Diversity, and Church

The Most Holy Trinity

Matthew 28:16-20

There's no doubt that God's power is unmeasurable.  It surpasses all powers of the created world.

In the human mind, we should no longer doubt about this power.  Even God owns our rationality.  Just read the first reading and we shall realize the glory of God.

In the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity, from the unmeasurable and unfathomable comes that quiet invitation to regard the presence of God as non-negotiable and uncontestable.

As God revealed himself as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in Scripture and Tradition, let our faith fathom this reality.  Let us simply accept him in our lives.

We accept the unity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in the bond of pure love which we could only imagine in human terms.  But this perfect love is a total mystery.  God's love makes us love one another even though the other seems insignificant to us.  It is simply revealed that this love, as pure as heaven itself, is possible.

At the same time, we accept the unique Persons of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit; the Father who creates, the Son who saves, and the Holy Spirit who guides.  The Father is not the Son; the Son is not the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit is not the Father and the Son just as we are created uniquely from each other, yet, we are all human beings.

Third, the Church is the icon of the Trinity.  Whatever we manifest in this world as a Church reflects the God who calls us as his own, whose body of Christ we belong to, and whose Spirit we are the temple of. 

In being Church may we see the unquestionable presence of the Holy Trinity.