The Great Sower

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mark 4:26-34

I am fond of stories; every story starting with a beginning, with a middle and an end. 

The story of Ezekiel tells the word of the Lord as being planted on a high mountain, then he takes care of it until it becomes a noble cedar where animals would rest in its shade.  It is the Lord who did it.

The parables of the kingdom of God say one thing - it is God who planted the seeds, make them grow, till birds can rest in its shades.

We are witnesses of the story that is unfolding - the story of the kingdom of God in every heart.  We are not the planters nor the keepers of the kingdom.  We witness various things how God works.

How his word is planted daily in people's hearts.  He plants every seed each day at each moment.  Are we still listening?  Are will still accepting the the good news?

How he nourish his word every heart.  Are we giving time to nourish the word through the various opportunities the Church is hosting?  Do we give it to the slow but sure development of a spirituality marked by faithfulness to God?

How his word bears fruits in every heart.  Do we see concrete manifestations of the word in every person, in their thought, word, and deed?  Do we sense a building of a community of disciples faithful to the word?