29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mark 10:35-45

"Kung may tiyaga, may nilaga"; "Kung anong tinanim, siyang aanihin."

These words remind us to persevere if we are to attain our goals in life.  Perseverance calls to be patient even in sufferings if we are fully convinced that all our efforts will pay off. 

But perseverance is also the mark of a true servant, who perseveres to do all tasks assigned to him. 

The servant is the mark of a true Christian.  If we claim we are baptised Catholics, it is imperative that we serve as Jesus served, by offering his life on the cross.  How then can we be good servants?

First, know who we are

 Let us know who we are and what our place is in this world.  God is the Creator, we are the created; God is heavenly, while we are made of dust.  God is Lord, and who are we? Servants.

Second, know the end

What is the end of a servant's being?  We easily forget when our end is to live comfortably and to grow rich and powerful.  Is that it?  We might aim to be rich, but this is not a ticket to enter heaven or eternal life.  If our end is in God, then let us serve him now!

Third, the heart of a servant

What makes us persevere in this task? Love.  Love makes us endure all hardships; for love of God and neighbor.  If there is no love we won't last.  Do we claim that we love God now?  It shows in our actions and in our commitment to offer time, talent, and treasure for love of him and one another.

What makes us persevere in this task? Love. 

Could we now admit that we are servants?  That's the only way a Christian is to go.