A fruitful life

3rd Sunday of Lent

Luke 13:1-9 

At this point, God is ready and is always ready to save us.  But it seems we are not ready.

The second reading and the gospel give us stern warnings against being barren in this life. 

In this Third Sunday of Lent, could God still change us for good?  Could we still be fruitful as God wants us to be?  How can we be fruitful?  Let me offer three suggestions:

1. Pray more - prayer opens our world to the Almighty.  This prayer doesn't simply call us to recite as set of prayers; nor are they intended for God to listen to our prayers.  The very objective of prayer is openness to a loving relationship with God.  It entails humility on our part to heed God's voice.  Prayer demands a lot of humility, listening, and simply staying in the presence of the Lord.  We need to pray more.

2. Know more - we need to know more about Jesus.  Actually, what our stand is about issues do not count at all if we know that it is Jesus who is our way, truth and life.  God's Word and the Church open us to a world of possibilities with Jesus on how to enter his loving heart.  Only then can we know what lies in our hearts as well.

3.  Change more - We need a huge dosage of life-changing experiences.  The point is whatever we experience in life calls us to a change of heart and mind according to the very heart and mind of Jesus.  A life transformed according to the very heart of Jesus accounts for a fruitful life.  Every moment of fruitfulness is Jesus' fruitfulness in our lives.