God's justice is his mercy

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Luke 18:9-14 

We have our own concepts of justice.  However, people also see it as getting even, fighting for one's rights, taking revenge, or even winning in trials even though one knows how guilty he is.  In this regard, no one escapes the justice of God.

God's justice is based on the way he equally treats all of us his children.  Why is there inquality in the world and what are we doing about it?  In God's eyes we are all created equal, for we all are created in the same image and likeness of God.

The Gospel shows man's sense of righteousness to the detriment of the outcast.  Jesus says, "Everyone who exults himself shall be humbled, but the man who humbles himself shall be exulted." This too is God's justice.  For he intends to correct any inequality and wrongdoing we do against others.

Be more concerned with God's justice upon us rather that our own against others.  The cross becomes the most powerful expression of the justice of God; it shows total mercy even to the wayward.