Who are we before the great King?

Christ the King

Luke 23:35-43

A king is a king becauase there are followers. 

We can only contemplate on Christ the king based on what has become of us as we follow him.  How did we follow the Lord the past year? 

We need to possess the qualities of a servant to appreciate Jesus as King of our lives. 

First, we need humility enough for us to understand that we belong to the earth.  But Jesus also became man not so that we may lift ourselves to his level but rather, he may dwell among us as a man.  That is humility.  In celebration of our humanity, let us remain humble to the great King so he will use us as his trustworthy servants.

Second, communion.  In the First reading, the people of Israel said to David, "You are flesh of our flesh and the blood of our blood." In the book of Genesis, Adam also uttered to Eve words like this, "You are the bone of my bone, the flesh of my flesh." This is communion.  We are united to the Lord our King and to one another in an unbreakable bond.   If God himself is communion, so too may we be communion to one another.

Third, charity.  Jesus in the Gospel said to the thief, "You shall be with me in paradise."   Jesus' mission is to save us all and to bring us to his kingdom, a kingdom of love, peace, and justice.  Let it also be our mission to carry our brothers and sisters, even those not related to us and also to our enemies, to bring them to God's kingdom. Then we shall know our true role in this world, to be loving servants of the Lord in bringing others to salvation.