Developing faith

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Matthew 5:17-37

There is a movement, a progression, in the way Jesus explained about observing the Commandments.  True, Jesus fulfills and brings to perfection the 10 Commandments.

Same is true with our faith; there should be a progression for the better, not for the worse.  Are we insuring that our faith is developing or pruned to perfection?  What are the signs that we are doing this?

First, we have to be aware that the 10 Commandments are requirements for eternal life.  Black is black; white is white.  We can't make black white.  No matter what amounts of white lies we utter, they're still lies.  Follow faithfully the spirit of the law.

Second, as Jesus invited the rich young man to greater opportunities of service, let's pray that our faith may progress from devotion to actually doing what God wants, not what we want.   If we are to choose between two goods, like for example, married life or priestly or religious life, which do we choose?  What we want or what God wants? Let's choose God above ourselves.

Third, faith should reach its perfection when in our every encounter with people and life itself, we desire to see the face of God in the other.  When we pray to see him even in our enemies, then we would know what to do, just as what Jesus did when confronted by his enemies.  He opted to forgive.

Lets allow our faith to reach its perfection in Jesus Christ.