How to be Dispensers of the Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy, 2nd Sunday of Easter

John 20:19-31

As we reflect on the overflowing mercy of God in this period of uncertainty and great tesing, the risen Jesus triumphs over all of creation, and of his chosen people, he dispenses all the graces of his Divine Mersy.

These people, who regard themselves as followers of Christ, "his disciples" are actively living out God's will in the world.

Marks of a disciple

First, these disciples are not attached to this world; they are in this world, but they are not of this world.  They are children of the resurrection.  They regard themselves as stewards of God's manifold gifts, dispense them in accordance with God's will, all for the benefit of others and for the greater glory of God.

Second, their silent witnessing gives light to others and to the world.  In their hearts contain the Divine Mercy in the midst.  How do we prepare ourselves to receive the Divine Mercy?

Prepare to be dispensers of the Divine Mercy

First, yearn to the receive the Holy Spirit, the Advocate.  This is the message of Jesus after the resurrection.  This is the Inspiration of our daily lives.

Second, walk through the way of peace.  In today's situation of extreme anxiety, we see naked before our eyes, those clinging on to power, to greed, to selfishness, and corruption.  They are not at peace.  True peace comes from a clean heart that aims to satisfy God alone.  Peace anables us to understand that we don't own this world; rather we manage the world beforehand to serve and give life to others.

Thirdly, agree to be sent. Jesus sends us.  Is there anything in this world that we need to do only by ourselves.  They are empty.  Be occupied with God's work, not ours.  Address them in your families, communities, and the rest of the world.  And when we have done something, attribute everything to God.  Give corporal and spiritual works of mercy.  Be active mirrors of God's mercy.