My life as experience of Easter

3rd Sunday of Easter

Luke 24:13-35

The great challenge for us this Easter Season is to ask for the grace to see Christ risen through the eyes of our faith.

In the gospel, the eyes of the disciples were dim.  They could see Jesus infront of them.  Their hearts were filled with darkness also.  But this is not  hindrance for Jesus.  He still got the apostles to recognize him.

They recognized him through his teachings. It takes a while for us to realize the truth of Christ's teachings which is found in the Church.  As we immerse ourselves more in the teachings of Jesus in the Church, we are enveloped in the mantle of his presence.

The apostles also recognized Jesus in the breaking of the bread.  He did this at the last supper.   Their hearts were burning as they recognized him did the same thing.  We who are accustomed to breaking the bread need to realize how to inculcate the breaking in our own Christian lives.

Finally, the proclamation in word and action. The apostles went back to continue their action which now translates to ministry: to also resurrect others from death to sin, desolation, and loneliness to passion and mission.