Choose what truly is necessary for the New Year

7th day within the octave of Christmas

John 1:1-18

By now we are getting preoccupied again with the preparations for the New Year.  There should be fireworks, food, and merrymaking.   All these are to usher in prosperity for the coming year.

Perhaps, we may start wondering what the COVID-19 means.  It has not been eradicated.  We are still in GCQ.  We cannot allow mass gatherings in our homes, restaurants, malls, and entertainment venues.  Will this New Year still be like last year?  Would our preoccupations be focused on fireworks and prosperity.

Meanwhile, we would want to reflect the Word-made-flesh sleeping in the manger, with the simple Mary and Joseph contemplating him almost endlessly.  This awesome presence of the Divine united with the human nature is enough to assure us that we are unconditionally loved by God.

The message is simply this: be able to distinguish what is worldly and heavenly, what is from God and what is from the world, and what is fleeting and what will last forever.  Then, make a wise choice to enter this New Year with God in our hearts.