The grace of pondering

Mary, Mother of God

Luke 2:16-21 

"Mary pondered all these things in her heart."

To ponder means to think deeply before making a decision. I call it discernment.

This may be the best time during the pandemic to ponder over what really is happening and how we are responding.  Those who want to experience a truly fruitful New Year may might as well start planning and pondering for a change of life.  But we need to think.

What is Mary pondering?  Aside from the accounts of the shepherds, what does she truly keep in her heart?

1. God loves her - She couldn't forget life's blessings upon her, a lowly young lady.  But she's blessed among women.  Recall how despite the pandemic, we are truly blessed.  We may be more blessed if we take care of God's blessings.

2. She loves God back - the ability to respond to God's call is her way of loving God back.  Looking at the baby Jesus, she reciprocates Jesus' love.  That's why the 7 sorrows of Mary reflect Jesus' sufferings because of love.  Let's remember the times we experienced sorrows all because of love. Let's also express how despite our sinfulness, we truly love the Lord.  All these are because of the Holy Spirit.

3.  Finally, she loves others - Mary put her life at the service of others and not of her own self.  Elizabeth, the shepherds, Simeon and Anna - she practically brought Jesus to everyone, including us.  Let us not think that we are loving others by our own strength.  Let the Holy Spirit guide us so that we may translate our lives into pure service without asking for anything in return.  Let's bring Jesus to others.