Believe in Jesus

Saturday of week 2 in Ordinary Time

Mark 3:20-21 

It's unfortunate that Jesus' good works were met with skepticism.  Others even branded him as "being out of his mind."

We might not go too far with branding Jesus, but the daily lures of life, with all its practicalities, somehow make us think that the world is far more important than spiritual matters, and people who opt to follow Jesus instead of engaging in the worldly are foolish when they could have anything they want in this world. 

History is marked by the triumphs of humankind. But admit it: man is also the cause of destruction and the sufferings of humanity.  Meanwhile, Jesus, true God and true man, has been consistent in following the Father's will.  Being God's beloved Son, his passion, death, and resurrection paved the way for the healing of the sinfulness of humankind because Jesus alone is capable of offering back to the Father in our behalf. We not only learn from Jesus; more so, we cling to him for our salvation.