The power of God's word

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Sunday of the Word of God)

Mark 1:14-20


We don't give God's word a serious thought.  Perhaps, we may want to reflect if the world is following God's word.  We may also wish to reflect if man is conscious on which word he believes in. 

God said, "I will put the law in their hearts" (Jer 31, 22).  "With this new covenant, there would not be any need for teachers to explain because they would understand"  (Heb. 10, 16ff). This clearly depicts the fruitfulness of the word; the Giver of the Word and the recipient become one heart and one mind.

Let us pray then to embrace God's word. It demands listening to; understanding, living out, and sharing to others.  Soon, there will be one community and one Lord.