To be a witness

Baptism of Jesus

Mark 1:7-11

We come to the Feast of the Baptism of Jesus.  We also have witnessed another version of the Jesus  Poong Nazareno in Quiapo.

The main theme is the panata: a vow to do this once a year of paying homage to the Poong Nazareno because of the vast blessings and miracles one has received through him.  Generally, the event in Quiapo was described as very peaceful, but one cannot stop the throng of people, about 400,000 of them, eventually, defying social distance, just to be there to witness another time of blessings.  What is this saying to us as a people?

Witness ... saksi ... testigo, tagapagpatunay.  A witness is someone who is persistent, in the side of the truth. 

The witness is not dilly-dallying.  He is focused on the one he gives witness to. I see something common between Christ and these people.  They don't budge.  They will still go there, and will still go there.  He is witnessing to something beyond himself.  He gives witness to Christ.  

So, what does a witness do in focusing his full attention to Christ?

1. The Spirit is upon him - The Spirit descends, "This is my beloved Son, my favor rests upon him." 

2. The water too is a witness - to be lifted up the water is to breathe new life. 

3. Blood - the offering of life is a witness of the supremacy of the love of Jesus.