Is it easy to love an enemy?

Friday of the 1st week of Lent

Matthew 5:20-26 

Is it easy to love an enemy? It's super hard!

We cannot do it by ourselves.  We want to get even. We want justice. But God has other plans.  Nothing is impossible with God.  We can still be reconciled with our brother/ sister.

From the prophet Ezekiel, he discusses the state of uprightness or sinfulness of a man.  "If a sinful man repents, he shall be forgiven; but if an upright man turns sinful, he shall be punished."  The first state is integrity or wholeness, not demanding vengeance.  Anyone who's on the right, but wants to take revenge on the other is committing a sinful act against him/her.  He is no different from the violence done to him.

The basis of a compassionate man is God himself.  God doesn't delight in punishing people.  He wants us to be saved.  Love is the basis of all things; a kind of love that redeems and forgives.  Such love is the very heart of Jesus who embraced death to redeemed even those who hurt him.

Finally, Jesus perfected the law against murder.  He wants that our souls are free from any evil intention against another.  He simply wants us to think positively for another and be reconciled with another before we can offer our gifts.  Such is the perfection of justice. Perfect and sublime love is born.