Let God's Word sink in

Tuesday of week 5 in Ordinary Time

Mark 7:1-13

How many of us are totally aware of God's word, interpret it adequately, and live it out faithfully?  Do we struggle to integrate it in our daily lives? 

In PCP II, it tries to address the situation of the Filipino Catholics as "sacramentalized but not evangelized".   This is a kind of split-level Christianity that treats the faith only in the level of rituals but not in actual life.

The answer of PCP II is "integral evangelization."  Integral means "total".  In order to evangelize totally, the Good News has to be embedded in the core of human life in all its aspects - human, spiritual, moral, social, economic, and political realities.  

This is what is means to be created in the image and likeness of God.  When we inculcate the Word of God in our lives, we become receptive to what he wants and what is important to him.  In the first reading this is clearly God's wish: that humankind be fruitful, that we multiply God's children, that we fill the earth and have control over it.  This can only be possible if we are molded according to the image and likeness of God, responsible and caring.  Otherwise, we end up abusing creation and aborting the children.  Isn't that what is happening in today's world?

Unless we become aware of the Good News and inculcate them in all spectra of life, our adoration only becomes lip service.  We remain hypocrites, confusing our words as dogma.