Sincere repentance

Ash Wednesday


How important is repentance in our lives?

It can only be possible if we have a deep relationship with God. But when do we actually repent?  Let it not be so, but for some, repentance comes at the end of life when life is being wasted.  Only then do we repent to save us from eternal punishment.  But for others, true repentance comes in any time and season, even right this very moment. 

Repentance can only be possible because there is a God whom we offend with our words and actions. Separating our daily lives from him, we put him at the peripheries of our concerns and accomplishments, our families and our daily schedules.

Consequently, our relationship with others is also compromised.  If we don't have any regard for God, we also don't have any regard for others.  For others who seek revenge, sin is knocking at the door in the guise of righteousness with the sheer intent to hurt the other, destroy his reputation, or otherwise, kill him. No matter how we see it, this is still unrepentance.

Repentance is to open one's heart to God and God alone.  How did we get so insensitive to the presence of God?  How much does our life not reflect what His holy will in favor of our own?

Second, how much have we been insensitive to our neighbors, much worse, harm them as if it were our right?  How deeply have we led them to sin and not to grace? 

Third, let sincere repentance manifest in our external actions - in prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.  These are doors to lead us out of ourselves and enter into God's mercy and compassion as well as open our hearts and lives to serve others.