Where is God in our lives?

Saturday of week 4 in Ordinary Time

Mark 6:30-34 

Sometimes, we aren't really aware of what's coming onto us and how God pities us for our lack of faith.  Even then, he never wavers teaching us about the Father. 

Sometimes, if not aware, we're being eaten up with the daily concerns and lures of life, of the covid pandemic.  In the end, we ask, where is God in our lives?

Or it may be this - we assume that we have a silent God who allows everything we do and say.  In the end we take him for granted.

But we could also ask this question - Where are we really in God? By our conduct of life, we can say that we have veered too far away, not knowing that he exists and is very close to us right now.

In the first reading, the book of Hebrews reminds us to be obedient to God. This is eventually the secret of real discipleship or closeness to God.  Ever imagine a person who prides himself or herself as blessed by God but doesn't follow his every command, and much more, to leave everything behind to serve him?  Disobedience is the sin of our first parents; obedience is the root of our salvation in Jesus Christ.

Third, St. Paul Miki was a Japanese convert in 1580.  It was the time of evangelization.  But non-Christians thought violently of the Christian faith. They crucified St. Paul.  We could see the fruits of disobedience.  But the fruit of obedience to God is everlasting life.