A wedding homily

Unity, can we truly attain unity especially in today's times when we are stressing individualism?

In relationship, as long as we see the same thing, there's no conflict.  However, in practice, it's not always easy.  One always adjust while the other is the aggressive one.  Could we qualify this as unity?

It may decrease tensions when one says, "It's up to you; I'll just follow"; but tension will be experience when one's patience with the other disappears.  Separation then follows.  What we want is true unity.  We may fight against each other, but at the of the day, we still are one.  What makes true unity?

Real love causes true unity.  It consists of an unconditional regard for the another.  It's like the saying "I need you because I love you" not "I love you because I need you." The latter is conditional, wanting the other for oneself.  But if we love because we truly love, no one can separate us.

Second, God causes true unity.  God from the very start desired our unity with one another and with him.  "Let's make man in our image and likeness," God said.  He can't go against himself when he created us.  He is unity and he causes unity in us.  We can't go wrong.

Community causes true unity.  The authentic church is unity.  Family is unity.  If we are one heart and one mind, and with one another we can't go wrong. 

"What God has joined, no man can separate."