Eradicating evil

Wednesday of the 2nd week of Lent 

Matthew 20:17-28

Realizing the true depth of being a Christian, it is not in being shielded from unfortunate events and being comfortable in our faith that defines it.  On the contrary, the depth of Christianity can be found in one's direct confrontation with evil which is found everywhere.

Jesus had to go to Jerusalem to confront his accusers.  He had to endure the cross and suffer death for this purpose.  But in his heart, everyone needs to be saved, even his enemies.  Evil has to be eradicated only by the salvific action of Jesus Christ.  

We eradicate evil in much the same way.  In taking Christ as our banner, we can triumph over evil.  How? 

First, we need to be strong spiritually.  We need to implore the grace of the Holy Spirit to distinguish between good and evil and to take up Christ's truth.

Second, we need to live out the faith we believe in. Jesus in the gospel emphasized humility over arrogance, service over power, and slavery rather than being first.  When we choose to poverty over riches, humility over power, and suffer ridicule rather than reputation, we highlight God's values rather than the world's values, we become one with Jesu free the world from useless ambition, arrogance, and deceit.  Only by taking the banner of Christ could we then eradicate evil in the world.