How suffering can be salvific

Palm Sunday

Mark 14:1-15:47

Suffering.  What place does it have in our lives when we painstakingly try to get rid of it?

First, let us accept that we are in the state of suffering right now, ever since we were born, and until the rest of our lives.  The pandemic is just an icing on a cake.  Our bodies encounter death each day.  We need to eat, lest we die.  We also need to be nourished socially, and of course spiritually. 

But you know what? Jesus freely chose to suffer to be with us in our world.  He wouldn't alienate himself from us.  He didn't exempt himself from the world of suffering when he endured all rejection and sin.  Let's also consider suffering as Jesus embraced our sufferings.

Finally, suffering becomes salvific when it entails absolute faithfulness and obedience to God. In other words, we can offer everything in our lives, even suffering, so we may die with Christ each day, and consequently, live with him in the resurrection. 

Let our sufferings work for good so that Christ may live in us and others.

Magnilay sa Ebanghelyo tuwing Linggo!