Jesus and this pandemic

Tuesday of the 4th week of Lent

John 5:1

We know that Jesus heals. Especially in this time of the pandemic where there is an increasing number of sick, we can still partake of Jesus' healing power by observing the following:

First, by taking care of our health ourselves.  We know what will lead us to danger.  But we also know what it takes not to be inflicted by the pandemic.  Only we can take care of our health.

Second, by engaging in healthy activities.  Assemblies of people who take of their masks in the name of merry-making is not wise in today's times.  Having a pandemic in the midst does not say we can't be happy and fulfilled.  We can engage in useful profitable activities in the midst of the pandemic like healthy music, planting, reaching out to our friends through social media, etc.

Finally, we can help others in time of need by constantly teaching them to be disciplined.  For those in the hospital, we can render support.  Most specially, in these trying times even for ourselves, we have nothing to cling to except hope in the Lord, the great healer, the source of living water.