Putting God first

Saturday of the 3rd week of Lent

Luke 18:9-14

We have been immersed too much in this world we have been desensitized to the reality of God.  It's marketing really.  It just wants us to buys products and services, luring us in any way, and telling us, "Buy me, subscribe to me, like me and you will be happy forever!"

We should know better.  All of these products carry a purpose - profit. Meanwhile, God is relegated to second or third place; or none at all.  Eventually, we will come to realize that these things will come to an end; it's only God who remains.

Better this early to know what God wants above everything else.

First, he wants us to offer sincere sacrifices to connect to him like devout prayer.

But much more than sacrifices, he wants us to love him above all things, and love what he loves, including that of our brothers and sisters, especially the unloved and abandoned.

Third, he wants us to stay humble before him, our God.  For doing service is a gift, not an entitlement.  We owe God so much.  Would it be asking too much if we start offering our lives for him and others?

These things would enable us to put God above all others.

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