Remove that stiff-neckedness!


Thursday of the 4th week of Lent

John 5:31-47

Are we stiff-necked people?  When did we start becoming stiff-necked?  I remember when I was a child, I too was stiff-necked.  I reluctantly obeyed my parents.  But I came to realize the gravity of my actions. 

If we claim we are followers of Jesus, why is it easy for us to retaliate against others?  Why in spite of 500 years of Christianity, we remain sacramentalized, but not evangelized?  Why are we not eager to serve the Church, as if serving God is just an option?  Now, I ask again, are we stiff-necked or not?

Though we are stiff-necked, Jesus would continue revealing himself to us through witnesses, to remind us, and to save us.

In the gospel, there are three things and persons who gave testimony to him.  First, the scriptures, including Moses' revelation of God.  Here, we can learn to give testimony to the words of Scriptures as divinely revealed by God.

Second, by the Father.  Jesus' miracles and words give testimony to the Father.  The Father also gives testimony to the Son through the fruitfulness of Jesus' ministry.  We can also evaluate our lives where the Father is at work in us or not, and simply ask for forgiveness and resolve to do God's will.

Third, by others, more so, the Church.  The Church is the shining witness of God's presence.  It is the "us" of our lives related to one another and to the Lord. Unfortunately, others know the Church as "them"; they totally uninvolved to the workings of God through people.

Let our lives give testimony to Jesus as the loving Son of the Father.