Trust in God, not the world

Thursday of the 2nd week of Lent

Luke 16:19-31 

How do we trust God? As Filipinos, we have faith in God. But we sometimes sacrifice our devotion to him in favor of our work and worldly preoccupations.  We prefer to spend more time in things that could give us earnings rather than engage in volunteerism for religious and charitable purposes.  Our main preoccupation is surviving in this world instead of engaging in the work of salvation.  Eventually, faith is translated in non-tangible manner; much is to be desired to reveal faith through action.  Let us be reminded of this saying, "We can't bring our wealth to heaven."

There's another saying that caught my attention, "We cannot bring to heaven what we have received on earth; but we can bring to heaven what we have given."  What are the things that we have given on earth in terms of time, talent and treasure?  How much have we given without asking for anything in return except to give?

Finally, remember the parable of the rich man and Lazarus.  It is not the poverty of Lazarus that brought him to heaven.  It is not even the wealth of the rich man that brought him to hell. It's in the crumbs.  Lazarus pleaded only for the crumbs, not the food on the table, but did not receive any.  The rich man had so much; even the crumbs, he didn't give any.  Lets be on guard when in spite of the blessings we have, we have deprived others and God even of the crumbs of our time, talent, and treasure.

Learn all these lessons and entrust our lives to God.  Only He could save us!