What makes a prophet?

Monday of the 3rd week of Lent 

Luke 4:24-30

Prophets in Israel are widely accepted and regarded as messengers of God.  Sensitive to God's call, they remind people to repent and come back to God.  Their words also have implications for the future, as if it were "eternal" in scope because it's all about God's message, not only to the people of Israel but to the rest of the world.

In this regard, the people were also accustomed to being extra-sensitive about prophets, discerning whether they are true or false prophets.  There were about 55 recorded prophets in the scriptures, but there were much more not mentioned in the book.

Apparently, Jesus was not regarded as a prophet; he was branded as a false prophet, a blasphemer for claiming to be the Son of God.  That's why he concluded, "The prophet is not welcome in his own country."  He also found it hard to preach to the people, noting their hard-headedness.

What makes a prophet then?  People will continue judging whether a person is false or true prophet.  But let's focus on ourselves as prophets because we share in the prophetic role of Jesus. 

First, do we orient our lives to God?

Second, do we desire to rid ourselves of all selfish and personal inclinations and follow God?

Third, are we ready to give witness to God even if it means sacrificing our own?

As life that is fully oriented to the Lord instead of self will determine prophet in us.  Otherwise, we may not also welcome the prophet is us, how can we recognize the good in others, and much more, Jesus himself working in the world today?