Are we in the light?

Wednesday of the 2nd week of Eastertide

John 3:16-21

Are we still aware of living in the light?

We come to know the light as living in God and his goodness.  It's about spiritual things.  Whereas, we come to know darkness as living in sin and evil deeds.

But how about people who are busy and are immersed in the world and have little time for prayer; are they living in the light or in darkness?  If people opt more to continue immersing themselves in malls, entertainment, and material comforts rather than dedication to the church, doing kind action to one's neighbor, or engaged in apostolate, ministry, or even almsgiving, are they living in the darkness or light. 

Generally, our daily activities reflect our dedication and love for God or the lack of it.  When we immerse ourselves totally in a narrow-minded orientation to life that does not consider what we have to do for the church and for the poor and suffering, it is reflective of our perception about God. 

The readings today are encouraging, though.  In the first reading, the apostles couldn't be kept in prison;  they would continue doing God's will.

In the second reading, there's no stopping God's action.  "For God so loved the world that he gave us his only Son, that whoever believes in him may not be condemned but may have eternal life."

If we say there's a limit to good works, we are badly mistaken.  If we think we are hampered by the pandemic into serving God and our fellowmen and women, we are badly mistaken. 

Our whole lives should be seen in the context of the light.  With the light of God enveloping us, we couldn't go wrong.  Selfless loving would be our top priority.  That means loving as Jesus loves.  In this way we become instruments of God's saving action.